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The quest for a perfect website

The initial problems

When Grafical contacted us they wanted to have a very interactive website with a great UX for a better online presence and to be seen as a higher quality marketing agency.

Grafical Oy

Year 2019

Advanced optimisation


One thing Grafical wanted was to have was a great user experience because most of its visitors came from the small screens which meant we had to have a complete different approach for mobile than in the desktop. We had to work with bigger icons that were still interactive and would work with the mobile interface.

We used the most common applications for mobile to integrate the buttons in such a way that the user would be redirected directly to their favourite platform to contact the company with only one tap.

Laptop? Tablet? Mobile? We got it all covered!

Responsive for all the devices

One thing that is necessary in 2019 is that the website will look good in all the platforms it is accessed on. We gave our best efforts to make the website be responsive while keeping the CSS effects created and the load speed fast.

Greatness ahead


The result was a very fast website, with a great user experience and a design that shows professionalism and perfection.

Go visit Grafical to experience the website for yourself!


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