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The road to the first page

Primary Description

We worked with Nuevo Academy, a hairstyling training company to improve their search results and get more organic traffic. When they came to us, they didn’t rank in the first page in any of their keywords and it was expensive for them to gather new clients.

What we had to do


Nuevo wanted to be in the first page of Google for specific keywords but didn’t have enough content on the website or a clear structure on how Search Engines could index their site. Our challenge was to improve their website in such a way that will increase their rankings and bring them more organic traffic.

What we did

Our solutions

When it comes to bad social rankings most of the time, the problems come from three areas: meta is not well optimised, the website doesn’t have a good UX (user experience) or the site is way to new to be considered relevant.

Nuevo Academy had the first two of them.
First of all they had only one page for the whole page which for some may seem a good experience but unfortunately their keywords targeting opportunities were limited and the bouncing rate was very high (which for search engines is a red flag).


More of what we did

Website improvement

We separated each course they had in different pages with internal links to other relevant pages to increase the time an user spent on their website, reducing the bouncing rate while keeping a good UX and the website very fast. 

The only reason visitors had to stay more on the site was because they enjoyed the content. That was  our goal.

We wrote content with specific call to actions, we optimised the site for mobile (which is extremely important if the traffic comes from there) and added schema, an advanced strategy for SEO.

We won’t bore you with the technical stuff

Here are the results

Within two months of working with us the Nuevo Academy website ranked in the first page of Google for all the main keywords we planed for. The fact that we operated in a niche and improved the website with advanced tactics helped them get awesome results. Usually the SEO optimisation takes much longer than that, sometimes months or years depending on the competition. 
See the proof below with the results.

More worlk

We made it look nice

Design Work

Besides optimising the website we also offered creative design and content for the Instagram page for Nuevo.

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