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The Online Presence Package

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Up your online game

Professional posts
that catch attention

Step 1

We will make professional online posts that catch people’s attention and help you sell more. With this package you will get two high quality posts per week that include great quality copy writting

Step 2

After we make the posts, we will promote them in order to sell your products as profitable as possible. We will use Hyper Targeting and advanced marketing strategies to increase conversions and raise your brand awareness.

*For this to work you need to have a minimum  Ad budget  of 300 Euro.

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Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

The Online Advertising Package

With this package you will get everything from the Basic package plus:

We will create Google campaigns (Display Ads and Text) so you will be on top to search results.
We will create Instagram Campaigns, a platform with a lot of potential to increase your brand recognition.
We will make a 3D image for Facebook every week, a feature only advanced pages use, so you can catch people’s attention.

*For this to work you need to have a minimum  Ad budget  of 300 Euro.

Tailor-Made Digital Marketing

The Enterprise Advertising Package

With this package you will get everything from the Medium package plus:

We will create Advanced Marketing Campaigns that will increase the quality of your ads even more.
We will create LinkedIn Ads to tap in this niche that not a lot of businesses are using.
We will create Youtube Ads, a great solution to promote with higher conversions your campaigns.
We will optimize your Google MyBusiness account so more people will find you.

+Twitter in case you don’t use one of the platforms we offer

*For this to work you need to have a minimum  Ad budget  of 500 Euro.

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Bespoke Marketing Plans


Let’s recap what are the advantages of working with us.

You will sell more

With out content creation strategies you will get more people to buy whatever you sell

  • Visual Graphics
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing strategies

You will be seen more

Depending on the package you use you can advertise in one or all of the following social media platforms

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

What can we do for you?

Social Media Platforms can offer you great opportunities of getting more clients and raising your brand awareness.
The problem with them is that they require consistency and a dedicated person who knows how to make good graphics and write proper content.

When it comes to Ad Creation, things get even more complicated. You will need specialised knowledge in all these different platforms, which is time consuming, stressing and costly.

We solve that problem for you! We are professionals who will manage your social media accounts for you, who will create good quality ads and much more. With us you can make your company look as professional as big companies do.

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